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Personal Involvement and Liability of Officers and Directors When it Comes to Cyber Security

Directors and officers of corporations have, as most of you know, fiduciary duties to act in the best interest of the corporation. To meet these duties, officer and directors must exercise a high degree of care in the operation and management of the corporation, to avoid self-dealing, to be transparent and to generally act in […]

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Reverse Veil Piercing Gains New Life in the LLC Context

A recent California appellate court decision has ruled that reverse veil piercing is permitted in California in the context of limited liability companies. Practically speaking, this means that an LLC’s assets could potentially be at risk for an LLC member’s personal liability under the right circumstances. Most people are familiar with the concept of “piercing […]

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Data Breach!

While we hear these words seemingly every day (and may becoming immune to their effects), the ramifications for the companies that suffer the breach have only become more severe and onerous. As more and more companies collect valuable, and often very personal, data about their customers, the issue of data privacy and security is expanding […]

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