Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our litigation attorneys are tenacious and resourceful advocates, dedicated to protecting each client’s interests and obtaining a successful and satisfactory outcome. Central to our legal strategy is our belief that litigation should be as brief and cost-effective as possible, giving our client the ability to invest resources in expanding its business rather than in litigation.

General Civil Litigation

We have a broad civil litigation practice, focusing on protection of our clients’ trade secrets and intellectual property, employment litigation, personal injury litigation, common interest development and other real property disputes, as well as contract and other business disputes.

Disputes Among Partners, Shareholders and Other Owners

We have significant experience in successfully resolving ownership disputes, in most cases without litigation. We focus on the parties’ common goals, favor early mediation, and frame the dispute on a business, rather than a personal, level.

In the few cases that do not settle without litigation, we present our expert knowledge of the rights and obligations of partners, shareholders and other principals to the judge or arbitrator. We go to extremes to inform our client s as to what they can reasonably anticipate as an outcome.