Monthly Archives: April 2018

New California Employment Laws for 2018

2018 is now fully upon us.  And with the beginning of a new year, one certainty is that there will be new employment laws to become familiar with in California.  Below is an overview of three new laws related to salary history inquiries, criminal history inquiries, and parental leave that employers should understand and begin […]

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Instructive Administrative Exemption Ruling for Staffing Firms

This alert addresses a recent 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decision, Perry v. Randstad Gen. Partner (US) LLC, 2017 WL 5560160 (6th Cir. Nov. 20, 2017) (See link to decision below), concerning classification of employees as exempt versus nonexempt.  “Exemption” classification, much like independent contractor classification, is highly fact intensive, nuanced and specific.  And, as […]

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