Intellectual Property

Licensing and Development Issues

Our software, entertainment and media clients count on us for the documents that permit them to develop and license their products and intellectual property, as well as partner or joint venture with other entities, whether domestically and internationally.

Our robust trademark and copyright practice, which includes both registrations and advocacy against infringing third parties – protects and safeguards our clients’ intellectual property.

Trademark/Service mark/Copyright

We regularly handle registration of trade and service marks and copyrights to protect against infringing third parties. We submit and prosecute trademark and copyright registrations that our clients can easily protect if infringing parties are later discovered.

In circumstances in which a trademark or copyright is infringed upon, Scherer Smith & Kenny LLP provides dedicated, professional service in defending and prosecuting actions that protect our client’s intellectual property.

Protecting and Defending Trade Secrets

We carefully document our clients’ intellectual property in each agreement we negotiate.  If third parties infringe upon our clients’ trade secrets we provides spirited advocacy to punish those parties responsible.