Monthly Archives: November 2019

New Laws Affecting Common Interest Developments and Coming to You in 2020

AB 5 … Again! There is no doubt that the California Legislature has passed some sweeping legislation during their past session. Among the most disruptive is AB 5, which our colleague, Denis Kenny, writes about in detail above in this edition of Perspectives. What most people may not be aware of, however, is that AB […]

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Employment Law Updates: (1) Independent Contractor Classification (AB 5) and (2) Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training for Small California Employers

2019 has been a busy year in the employment law front. We update you on two substantial updates that impact employers and employees alike: (1) the legislative pronouncement of the reach of the ABC Test on independent contractor classification and (2) the brief extension for small employers to provide mandatory sexual harassment training. Independent Contractor […]

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