Why Us

We recently surveyed our clients, consisting of both our historical clients and the approximately 350 to whom we provided service that year. We neither filtered the distribution list nor knew how they would respond – we trusted that they would recognize the effort we invest each day. We tallied their responses, and here’s what our clients had to say:

Every Respondent stated that Scherer Smith & Kenny LLP:

  • Understands its clients’ businesses and tailors its advice accordingly;
  • Is pragmatic and provides “real world” solutions to legal issues;
  • Has a high level of integrity and professional ethics; and
  • Is dedicated to its clients’ success.

Over 98.5% of the respondents stated that Scherer Smith & Kenny LLP:

  • Has excellent personal skills, creating good rapport, and the excellence in technical skills to meet its clients’ needs;
  • Delivers high-quality legal work product;
  • Offers fast turnaround;
  • Is flexible and willing to adapt to changes in its clients’ businesses; and
  • Is a firm they would recommend to their friends, family and colleagues.

And of those clients who utilize other law firms for other legal services, over 86% stated that Scherer Smith & Kenny LLP is more responsive than any other law firm with which they work.

With attorneys that average nearly 17 years of practice in the law, Scherer Smith & Kenny LLP understands its clients’ needs and builds its relationships one client at a time.

We value the partnerships we create with our clients, the strategies we create to make them successful, and their long-term success. That is truly The Strength of Partnership.

Call us for a consultation at 415-433-1099, or e-mail us at info@sfcounsel.com.