Real Estate & Common Interest Developments

Real Estate Law

We provide counsel on a wide range of fields relating to real estate purchases, leasing, financing, transfers, and ownership.  We also represent real estate brokerages and property management firms on a continuing basis.

Common Interest Developments

We have represented common interest developments (“CIDs”) throughout California on a broad range of issues for over 20 years. We provide objective, sound, and practical advice aimed at limiting disagreement among our clients’ members, permitting our clients to be cohesive, focused organizations.

Our representation includes mediating and litigating disputes between CIDs and their members or third parties, revising and updating governing documents, oversight of legal issues arising with capital improvements and repairs, as well as property transfers.

We are proud of the many long-term relationships we have with our CID clients.

Real Estate Brokerages; Property Management Firms

We represent real estate brokerages and property management firms in connection with their services, employment obligations, and continuing compliance with California’s Business & Professions Code and the regulations and policies of California’s Bureau of Real Estate.

San Francisco Tenancy-In-Common Purchases

We help our client through the confusing process of purchasing buildings as tenants-in-common, obtaining financing, confirming the availability of a mortgage deduction for all owners, and drafting the tenancy-in-common agreement.  Our firm also engages in dispute resolution among tenants-in-common.

Commercial and Residential Leases

We represent both landlords and tenants in connection with the negotiation of residential and commercial leases.

Purchases and Sales of Real Property

Our attorneys assist clients in transferring real property throughout California and in other states, working to make sure that ownership entities are properly formed, clear title is passed, financing is in place, and contingencies are satisfied.