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Two Notable New Laws For 2021 That Affect Condominium Rentals, Apartment Subleases, And Your PPP Loan

Over 370 bills were signed into law in California this year. With about as many new laws taking effect on January 1, 2021 – and everything else that has happened in 2020 – to say there is plenty to track would be an understatement. There are two particularly notable laws affecting our common interest development […]

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New Laws Affecting Common Interest Developments and Coming to You in 2020

AB 5 … Again! There is no doubt that the California Legislature has passed some sweeping legislation during their past session. Among the most disruptive is AB 5, which our colleague, Denis Kenny, writes about in detail above in this edition of Perspectives. What most people may not be aware of, however, is that AB […]

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More Electric Vehicles Coming To A Common Interest Development Near You

I. New Year, New EV Law Lawmakers recently passed Senate Bill 1016, which is a clear statement by the California Legislature that it wants more electric vehicles (“EVs”) on the road. The new law went into effect on January 1, 2019, prohibiting common interest developments (“CIDs”) – which include condo projects, planned developments, stock co-ops, […]

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